Human geography

“Human geography is the synthetic study of the relationship between human societies and the earth’s surface”

Human geography relates the inter-relationship between the physical environment and the socio-cultural environment. However, humans have created this inter-relationship through mutualism.

Due to its high popularity, it has further sub-fields. The sub-fields of geography are Social and urban geography, population and political geography. Also, Settlement and economic geography are sub-parts of human’s geography.

Similarly, the perspectives in this geography include areal models in geography and Welfare geography. Simultaneously, cultural geography includes the cultural regions of the world. Further, population and settlement include the population growth and population theories.

Also, the migration and settlements are part of settlement geography. Urban geography includes topics like urban morphology and urban settlements.

On the other hand, regional planning and its sub-fields are included in regional geography. Also, the important models in geography include the Malthusian and Marxian theory of population, Central place theory, etc.

Malthus theory of population growth

Malthus theory of population: critical analysis & relevance

Malthus Theory of Population: Thomas Malthus was an 18th-century economist and demographer who proposed the theory of population that bears his name. Malthus’ theory suggests that the population tends to grow exponentially, while the resources necessary to support that population only increase at a slower, arithmetic rate. This creates a situation where the population can […]

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von Thunen theory of agricultural location

Von thunen theory of agricultural location

After covering the Weber’s theory of industrial location, I have covered a very important topic of Human Geography, Von Thunen theory of agricultural location. For the exam perspective, this topic is very important for geography optional in bpsc and upsc. Introduction The agricultural location theory is a normative economic model which was first presented in

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