April 2020

Climate change and global warming

What is the cause of climate change?

How we can define climate change? Climate change means the change of climate over the last 100 years which is caused directly or indirectly by human activities. Mainly, climate change represents the changes in long-term weather patterns. Usually, climate change is measured in a shift of temperature, rainfall, wind pattern, or more. World’s temperature has … Read more

Tropical rainforest of amazon

Tropical rainforest biome plants and animals

Tropical rain forest Tropical rainforest biome provides the optimum environmental condition for the growth and development of animals and plants. Most importantly, they receive high rainfall throughout the year. Because of the uninterrupted supply of abundant moisture, this tropical rainforest is also called an optimum biome. Location and extent of rainforest Normally, the tropical rainforest … Read more

Tropical cyclones

What are Tropical Cyclones and their characteristics?

What are Tropical Cyclones? Tropical cyclones represent a circulatory motion of air towards a low-pressure centre. These low-pressure centres are known by various names based upon their characteristics, intensity and, distribution. The origin and development of these cyclones require the presence of some favourable conditions. In these cyclones, the wind blows counter-clockwise in the northern … Read more