Bihar Geography

Bihar Geography

Syllabus of Geography optional for Bpsc

Physical Geography of Bihar

Physiographic divisions of Bihar.

Biogeography of Bihar

Soils and forests in Bihar.

Climate and agriculture of Bihar

Climate and the pattern of agriculture of Bihar.

Disasters in Bihar

Problems of drought-prone and flood-affected regions and their solution.

Economic Geography

Chief mineral resources-iron ore, copper, bauxite mica and coal; principal industries-iron and steel, aluminium, cement, Sugar: principal industrial regions.

Demography of Bihar

Problems of the population in Bihar, the problem of tribal population and their solution; the pattern of urbanisation in Bihar.

Other topics related to BPSC and BSSC includes the geography of India. These topics are further divided under the following sections.

Geography of India

  • Physical aspects of India.
  • Human Aspects.
  • Agriculture.
  • Industries in India.
  • Transport and Trade.
  • Settlements.
  • Regional development and planning.
  • Political Aspects.

The aforesaid topics are very important for exams like geography optional BPSC, BSSC. These topics have been elaborately discussed in the menu section of Geography4u.

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