According to Officials of Seoul, People were crushed by a large crowd struck in a narrow street.  About 150 people has been killed and many injured.

About 150 people has been killed and many are injured. Most of the victims suffered of Cardiac Arrest and Breathing difficulties. 

As per media reports, more than 10,000 of people were out in a street to celebrate Halloween 2022.

As per Chio Seong Beom, the chief of fire department, the death toll could exceed 150.

As per official's reporting, most of the casualties were teenagers and people's in their 20's. 

"Repots have been also noted of missing people" as per Seoul City Government

More than 800 emergency workers & police officers, including personnel in Seoul were engaged in the street to treat the Injured. 


19 casualties from other nations, including Iran, Norway, China and Uzbekistan has been reported.